I spend my life drawn to the wonderful world of creation in which we live.  Everything excites me!  As a firm follower of Surrealism, my work is motivated and provoked by the mysterious and unpredictable!  I attended Manchester Metropolitan University before ultimately completing an art degree in London,  a place from where so much of my inspiration comes.  Life then landed me in New York where I began my working career.  My devoted quest for art and colour continued on, to various other countries including India and Brazil before my journey paused in the dynamic city of Manchester and so Dust and Colour was born!

From travelling to music, fitness or food I take inspiration on a minute by minute basis and get excited to see my ideas come to life in art form.  

I look forward to working on your project with you... please get in touch so we can add some wall magic to your world!

Gemma x

Dust with magic and colour with love...



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